College is a Mindfuck

Yup, that’s right, I said it!! And it’s true!!! Exhibit A: The best way I can describe college is that it’s like a weird sleepaway camp where there 12 page papers and exams worth 50% of your grade and you get no sleep and you’re always hungry and you’re always in shambles but you make […]

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Praise for the Put Together

If you’re anything like me, your life is a wreck. Constantly. Your daily class attire is pretty much your pajamas or a large t-shirt, and you probably eat chips for breakfast because you’re poor and well, the chips are there for the taking. Plus, you like chips so you’re not too upset about the situation. […]

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Why am I doing this?

Well wouldn’t you like to know! I love to write! I have a personal journal, a bullet journal, a 500 writing prompts book, and a 50 lists for happiness book. These various outlets allow me to express my ideas, give me a place to vent, and inspire my creativity. They’ve fostered my passion for writing […]

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